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This piece is dazzling and cute despite being very simplistic. In fact, the simplicity is a strong point, in my opinion, as it shows sm...

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Gaz the Ghastly Ghost - Afterlife Dissatisfaction by Extreme-Z7 Gaz the Ghastly Ghost - Afterlife Dissatisfaction :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 4 4 'That' Forgettable Cartoon - Art by Extreme-Z7 'That' Forgettable Cartoon - Art :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 2 3 Sketchbook #11 - Spiral by Extreme-Z7 Sketchbook #11 - Spiral :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 0 Still Life Practice - A More Modern Petrol Station by Extreme-Z7 Still Life Practice - A More Modern Petrol Station :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 3 A Cartoon House Doodle by Extreme-Z7 A Cartoon House Doodle :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 2 0 Still Life Practice - An Old Petrol Station by Extreme-Z7 Still Life Practice - An Old Petrol Station :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 2 1 [GAME ART] - Secret Base  Tileset by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - Secret Base Tileset :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 4 3 Still Life Practice - . . . And A Jeep by Extreme-Z7 Still Life Practice - . . . And A Jeep :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 3 0 Still Life Practice - Four Random Vehicles by Extreme-Z7 Still Life Practice - Four Random Vehicles :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 2 3 [GAME ART] - Shockme by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - Shockme :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 3 0 [GAME ART] - New Crates and Thingymajigs by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - New Crates and Thingymajigs :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 4 0 [GAME ART] - Gems! by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - Gems! :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 2 [GAME ART] - Dr. Krazy by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - Dr. Krazy :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 0 [GAME ART] Dr. Wacko by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] Dr. Wacko :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 3 [GAME ART] Krush Bandicoot by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] Krush Bandicoot :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 4 3 [GAME ART]  - Kommodore 64 by Extreme-Z7 [GAME ART] - Kommodore 64 :iconextreme-z7:Extreme-Z7 1 2


Laughter is the best medicine [Pop'n Music] by the01angel Laughter is the best medicine [Pop'n Music] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 16 25 The shy Lady by Taeppesh81 The shy Lady :icontaeppesh81:Taeppesh81 4 2 06 Mortal Sin by Taeppesh81 06 Mortal Sin :icontaeppesh81:Taeppesh81 4 8 A Nervous Manager by MisterSomeone12 A Nervous Manager :iconmistersomeone12:MisterSomeone12 15 0 Doodle Toon guys by Waltman13 Doodle Toon guys :iconwaltman13:Waltman13 10 1 Better by mabiesison Better :iconmabiesison:mabiesison 17 12 Alt Live [Pop'n Music] by the01angel Alt Live [Pop'n Music] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 24 68 Happy Mother's Day from the BEMANI Mamas! by the01angel Happy Mother's Day from the BEMANI Mamas! :iconthe01angel:the01angel 25 46 The Adventures of Business Cat - Time by tomfonder The Adventures of Business Cat - Time :icontomfonder:tomfonder 203 11 Smile~ by NyaQueen Smile~ :iconnyaqueen:NyaQueen 25 5 Prince of Pigs by EvolutionsVoid Prince of Pigs :iconevolutionsvoid:EvolutionsVoid 15 5 Different Mutes by brandan97 Different Mutes :iconbrandan97:brandan97 72 5 K. and Marc Gosselin -The Benjamin Franklin Method by Keneru92 K. and Marc Gosselin -The Benjamin Franklin Method :iconkeneru92:Keneru92 20 12 (REQUEST) Fionna [Adventure Time] by the01angel (REQUEST) Fionna [Adventure Time] :iconthe01angel:the01angel 25 15 suave by SomeDoodNamedJack suave :iconsomedoodnamedjack:SomeDoodNamedJack 126 21 SURPRISE!!! by Waltman13 SURPRISE!!! :iconwaltman13:Waltman13 10 0



Lyle Gio Sta. Maria
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I hate art. . . actually just kidding I love. . . to hate it!

Main Likes: Drawing, Video Games, Electronic Music
Main Dislikes: Mainstream Culture, Ideologues, Television


Here's a quote I really like:

"Sanity and Happiness are an impossible combination" - Mark Twain

New requests are closed until further notice. I have some college work to deal with.

Ongoing Requests:

Comic 1: Sketched
Comic 2: Sketched
Comic 3: Sketched
Comic 4: Sketched
Comic 5: Sketched
Comic 6: Sketched
Comic 7: Sketched
Comic 8: Sketched
Comic 9: Sketched
Comic 10: Sketched


Gaz the Ghastly Ghost - Afterlife Dissatisfaction
This is actually an old comic series that I used to post on an old account which I know deactivated. I wanted to revive this one with a new strip. I have around six or seven of old Gaz the Ghastly Ghost comics which I have not yet re-uploaded unto this account. For now, here's a 'lovely' introduction to this series.

Gaz the Ghastly Ghost is a comic by Extreme Z7 about Gaz, a ghost who is severely depressed about his afterlife because he finds it meaningless. He ain't exactly a 'nihilist' because that word means finding life is meaningless, not the afterlife. So I guess, 'afternihilist' is a better word. Gaz occasionally talks to a nameless black cat who seems to know a lot more about the afterlife than he does.
'That' Forgettable Cartoon - Art
Ive been wanting to make a new comic again for a while. I've almost forgotten how long it takes to make one.

'That' Forgettable Cartoon is a comic by Extreme Z7 about a cat named Catjack (nicknamed 'C.J.') and his best friend, a talking clock named Tim. C.J. is an arrogant smart-ass who usually treats people in a condescending manner. Tim is a happy-go-lucky fellow who just does what he wants.
Sketchbook #11 - Spiral
Woo! I finally got my eleventh sketchbook. I've been wanting to name one "Spiral" for a long time. Who knows what stuff I'll end up placing in it once it's complete.
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EvolutionsVoid Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thank you so much for the watch! 
3wyl Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:

:iconprojectcomment: has been an active group for seven years to help support artists like you, so welcome to our group! :heart:

Our front page lists fun and games that you can jump into whenever you like! We also have a Discord server, if you just want to hang out in a social and fun place, chat about art, projects and more! :eager:

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Extreme-Z7 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool, thanks for the invitation!
3wyl Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or anything else! :D
the01angel Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Woooooaaah, I realized you just turned 20! What's it like no longer being a teenager? Is it different at all to you?
Extreme-Z7 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be honest. I'm surprised at just how much immaturity is going on in the so-called 'adult world'. Even some people at their 30's and 40's may still be holding on to behaviors and emotional baggage from their teen years/childhood. But hey, that's just my perspective and it's just one perspective.
I've definitely undergone a lot of changes over the last 2 years of my teens. I'll maybe talk about them in more depth in a journal entry but I think I'd just like to share with you some of the most major changes:
- I've gotten a lot more into reading and learning
- I've been thinking more about my purpose in life and what would be the most meaningful way to live it
- I've been spending a lot less time with entertainment for the sake of "higher goals"
- I've been making the effort to be more social while simultaneously valuing my individual qualities more
- Most importantly, I've been more creative and productive than I've ever been in my life
I want to talk with a little more depth in a journal entry. I generally don't like to talk/write much about my life because I'm very introverted but reading your journal entries sure made me consider at least trying it out.

There are things that I really want to talk about that people may be interested in like:
- My ongoing 2D indie platformer project (link:…)
- Wanting to graduate just because I'm sick of academic life
- The electronic music I've made (although I'm not very good at it) (link:
- etc. etc. that sort of stuff. . .

Thanks for stopping by, by the way. See you in the future. The future is upon us entry 
the01angel Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Wooooaaah, you've got a lot to say kaomoji set 36/67 
It does seem like you've really matured during your transition from a teenager to a full-blown adult, and I'm really happy about all of that - especially the part about you being more creative and productive. I also agree with you wholeheartedly on the first statement - it's even a bit of a problem among teenagers like me from what I've seen. Heck, I'm 15 and yet I act like I'm 5 sometimes. kaomoji set 2 34/67 What you said about starting to think about your purpose in life and the most meaningful way to live it inspired me, too - as I get older and more mature, I should really start thinking about the same thing to be quite honest. I'm also quite flattered by what you said about my journal entries being a bit of an inspiration to you. Kao Emoji-32 (Fell in love) [V2]  
Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose  
BTW, KzzzZZZzzT! looks mega! I'd love to play it someday - hopefully once you've finished it! Although, I may try out a beta version of the game if there is one available for me to play. The whole concept is so intriguing - and now I know where that "KRANKY" character in your icon is from Emoji05 
Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose  
I also followed you on SoundCloud (I'm Angelic Binary) and liked a handful of your tracks. I don't know why you're not proud of it - it's really good. Miles better when any music I've ever made. ("Invisible Lover" would be considered my best track, though it's only a cover...) In addition, I really liked how you used the *peekaboo* Alt picture as your cover photo on SoundCloud Pop'n Music ALT icon 

With that being said, I'll see you too in the future, sweet friend! Alt Wink Emote (Pop'n Music) 
Extreme-Z7 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*sigh* Man, reading your words is a completely new experience for me. I've never had anyone say such kind things to me before. Well actually, in a sense I have before, but I've always felt like it came from a place of in-authenticity, not from someone who truly understands what I'm going through. (But to be fair, I rarely tell people what I'm truly going through, so I get what I deserve I guess.)

Anywho. . . I may be 20 but I wouldn't consider myself a fully mature human being yet. I'm still learning a lot about myself and what's actually possible in life. In reality, personal growth is a lifelong process. Generally speaking, people who think they've reached a peak of maturity ironically have a very low level of maturity. It's best to keep searching, you'll always find new stuff to learn.

As for finding purpose in life, just keep in mind that purpose is a construction. You ain't gonna find any objective life purpose except for maybe raising your level of consciousness (it's a spirituality thing). But your personal purpose is just something you create that fits you. If someone comes up with a personal life purpose to murder babies then so be it. But it has to come from a place of true love and passion. Even if it is, you know, murdering babies.

Finding your life purpose as early as possible is highly recommended. The older you are, the bigger the reason why you should be wasting less of your time because the closer you are to your death. If you had a truly inspiring life purpose, you would definitely be wasting less of your time because that would be your main focus in life. Most people just 'endure' life. People with a shallow/in-authentic/no life purpose. That's not what I want for me and I certainly don't want it for you.
The indie game I'm working on will take a while before it's finished because as I've mentioned to you before, I'm also busy with other stuff especially college work. But I'll definitely get back to you as soon as a playable build is out. Also, Kranky is the first boss of the game. I have this sprite animation of his head spinning 360 degrees because Kranky is able to do this.
As for the music I made, I guess the reason why I don't really feel proud of it is because I have a lot of negative self-talk. I decided to question it when I read your thoughts on it. I guess I really should change. Maybe I should just hold unreasonable expectations for myself. Maybe it's about time I allow myself more love and acceptance. And maybe it's about time I use the word 'maybe' less. LOL

(On another note, the game I'm working on will have its own original music from me but I want them released at about the same time I release the game. That's probably why I won't be uploading anything to Soundcloud in a long time. Just as long as my game project is still ongoing.)
Thanks for the love and the heart! Heart 3D I can tell that it comes from a truly honest and authentic place. Or maybe it doesn't and you're just being really pretentious. Either way, I feel good and that's all that matters. Hug fella (love)
Just a heads up, I'm likely going to talk more about myself in my first journal entries. I've already made some before but I've never really taken them seriously or written anything personal. This time, I plan to try something different.
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JelloMcFellow Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch!
Extreme-Z7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem. . .

On another note, I noticed you're from the Philippines too, just like me.
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